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CBD South Africa Products: Oils, Edibles & More

Cannabis in South Africa is at its core, a medicinal herb. Despite the long-term struggles against marijuana for recreational use and the miseducation around cannabis for medicinal use, the benefits of CBD products outweigh the negative stigma ...

CBD Gummies South Africa | Best Infused Sweets

Cannabis edibles in South Africa are the best of both worlds. They’re a mixture of the delicious treats that we all love, with the benefits of CBD oils. These products have been in the market for quite some time and have become a great alternative ...

Feminized Seeds South Africa – Top 5 Cannabis Strains [2021]

Are you a marijuana enthusiast looking for some of the best Cannabis seeds in South Africa? Then you’ve come to the right post. With all of the new weed-related businesses opening up, there are so many great strains to choose from that it can be ...

Best CBD Oil for Kids in South Africa

You’ve read about the rise of CBD products and their benefits in adults but can those benefits be the same for children? Maybe your child has a critical affliction and you’ve already tried everything. You may be a little bit anxious about ...

Northern Lights Seeds South Africa – Top Seeds Available

There are many different types of marijuana seeds available in South Africa. We are going to focus on the world remound strain, Northern lights. This gene is a cross between Afghani and Thai, creating the pure indica strain that is Northern lights. ...

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