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Northern Lights Seeds South Africa – Top Seeds Available

There are many different types of marijuana seeds available in South Africa. We are going to focus on the world remound strain, Northern lights. This gene is a cross between Afghani and Thai, creating the pure indica strain that is Northern lights. ...

Best CBD Oil For Pets in South Africa 2021

Best CBD Oil For Pets in South Africa 2021 Cannabidiol, or CBD, has emerged as a natural therapy for treating various symptoms and disorders. As more people explore CBD for themselves, there’s a natural curiosity about the benefits of CBD oil for ...

Best CBD Seeds South Africa | High CBD Strains & More

When purchasing CBD seeds, South Africa has more options than ever before. Only in the last several years have CBD strains become popular. CBD and THC often have an inverse relationship, which means that the more THC in a plant, the less CBD. ...

Durban Poison Seeds, South Africa | Price & 5 Types For Sale

Durban Poison seeds come from a legendary landrace sativa strain that originates from South Africa. Known to give cannabis users a focused, motivating and energising high, smoking Durban Poison has been likened to drinking a cup of coffee. ...

Cheese Weed in South Africa | 5 Cheese Strains – 2021

There are certain families of weed strains that have become world-famous and the Cheese weed family is no exception. These families are usually clustered together based on their particular flavours and aromas. Kush strains have an earthy taste ...

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