Where to Find Cannabis Oil in South Africa

Cannabidiol, most commonly referred to as CBD, has fast become a natural alternative to modern-day medicine in the health and wellness industry. CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant often mixed with a carrier oil in order for it to be taken for medicinal purposes.

CBD oil is gaining traction as an alternative form of treatment based on the potential therapeutic benefits it may potentially hold in terms of anxiety, stress, arthritis, epileptic seizures and other ailments.

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Is Weed Legal in South Africa?

In September 2018, a ruling from the Constitutional Court announced it was no longer a criminal offence for an adult citizen to grow, or possess cannabis (marijuana/dagga) for private consumption.

Whilst many citizens have celebrated this much-anticipated news, parliament has yet to declare the legal quantity of possession that qualifies for personal use, as well as the extent of the term ‘private use’. Parliament was granted 24 months from the date of the ruling in 2018, until September 2020 to officially define the scope of cannabis possession and use in South Africa.

So, the possession and consumption of weed, privately, was decriminalised (to an extent). Now what?

If you, like many others have hesitated and questioned the degree of legality, you may find these few points below may help you understand the depth of the legality of cannabis in South Africa. Guidelines outlined by Julie Oppenheim, a partner at Bowman’s Law Firm, are as follows:

  • Cannabis may be used recreationally or medically, either alone or with consenting family and friends over 18 in a private space.
  • Cannabis that is used in a private space must be closed off from groups other than your own.
  • Only grow or possess enough cannabis for your personal use. If you are unsure about the exact quantity, rather play on the side of caution with a conservative amount.
  • Other than in the case of specific medical supplements, the buying and selling of cannabis products remain illegal.

THC Oil in South Africa

A common mistake and misunderstanding amongst the general population is that cannabis oil makes you high. This is only true in the case of cannabis products containing THC, not CBD.

Products formulated using the THC properties of cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways through smoking, consuming edibles, oils and other tinctures. Any of these products containing THC will result in a high sensation.

Unlike THC (a different component of the cannabis plant), CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not have a strong effect on the cognitive activities of our brains and therefore does not result in a ‘high’ feeling.

Cannabis Oil in South Africa

So the question many of us have asked is ‘which specific cannabis supplements, if any, are actually legal in South Africa?’

An exemption posted in the Government Gazette in May 2019 has allowed for a 12-month allowance for the sale and use of cannabis health products granted each adheres to a strict dosage allowance.

Cannabis products considered to be health supplements are those with a daily dose of 20mg CBD, 0.001% THC or less than 0.0075% CBD.

The commercial sale of CBD products may be bought and sold legally, however only for the outlined 12-month period, specifically for the emerging cannabis industry to engage on a legal framework with the government going forward.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Online in South Africa

With the recent legalisation of cannabis in South Africa, buying patterns and general information around the topic of purchasing dagga supplements are still fairly new for most of us.

With a large quantity of information online, it can become quite overwhelming selecting the best online stores and products, tailored to your needs.

Listed below are our top choices for online CBD oil stores;


AfricanPure has been recognised as one of the leading brands in CBD oil in South Africa. Remember the buzz around the CBD pizza at Col’Cacchio across the country? Well, AfricanPure partnered with the popular restaurant chain to provide customers with the first CBD dining experience. A specialised AfricanPure CBD mist was formulated specifically for this project.

Their high-caliber products are 100% organic and suitable for both people and pets and are free of delivery charges when purchased online.

Our favourite CBD Oil from AfricanPure: AfricanPure Everyday CBD Oil 1000mg




LeafLabs pride themselves on their premium, responsibly sourced, all-natural products that are held to the highest quality through both local and international testing.

Their products are catered for many different needs with products ranging between drops for daily, full-spectrum, skin and hair, kids and pets’ needs.

What we love about this website is that it is informative and educational. Cannabis and CBD products are explained, in-depth, with a full breakdown of their supplements including dosage guidelines and the benefits you may look forward to.



The CBDStore is ideal for consumers looking for top-quality cannabis products at a fair price. Their online store offers a selection of top local and international brands, including AfricanPure, that maintain the utmost quality in their supplements.

The CBDStore is ideal for customers who rely on consistency, regulation and quality control. The purchasing process is also a process the CBDStore takes seriously, client payments are safe and secure with speedy deliveries once the purchase has been made.



Much like the CBDStore, Virescent is also an online hub for many different brands and products. Their most popular items include; Bovedas 8 and 67 grams, CBD Sleep Oil and CBD Hemp Oil.

The Virescent site is well organised and includes a lot of helpful information regarding their brands. Clients are also able to read some of the latest news stories featured on their site too, keeping cannabis and CBD fans in the loop.


Where to Find CBD Oil Dispensaries in South Africa

If you are fastidious like me and prefer to research and fully educate yourself on the topic of cannabis and CBD products, with professional help before purchasing, then you will find the below list of CBD dispensaries helpful.

The places listed below are ideal for those who do not want to simply click and buy any CBD products online. Instead, these dispensaries provide a safe and comprehensive experience for potential buyers.

Cannabis Oil in Cape Town

If you’re in the mother city and you’re interested in learning about, and purchasing premium CBD oils and products, you are in luck. Some of the country’s world-class products are available to potential consumers here.



The next generation of wellness begins with Goodleaf. As one of the most prestigious dispensaries to come out of Cape Town, they are dedicated to cultivating an improved quality of life through top-shelf international brands.

Located on Buitenkant Street, in the heart of the city and as one of Cape Town’s first cannabidiol dispensaries, their store is designed for optimal shopping through their sophisticated layout. They have aligned themselves to provide consumers with an educational and holistic experience from the moment you step through the door.

The store offers consumers a variety of products ranging from; oils, vape pens, topical creams, educational books and even oils suitable for your pets.

The price of their products don’t necessarily come cheap though, and for good reason too! Since their products are sourced from top international brands, specifically suited for alternative medical uses you are looking at the following prices;

  • Oils: Between R1195- R1595
  • 250mg vape pens: A base price of R400
  • Topicals: Between R165-R1395
  • Books: Between R295-R595
  • Pets: A base price of R895

The Cannabis Club


Another fun and quirky option for cannabis enthusiasts is the Cannabis Club, Cape Town, a private members-only coffee club that offers an educational and shared experience. Their welcoming private space focuses on accessibility without discrimination for all patrants.

Cannabis Oil in Gauteng

CBD Shop


Consumers across Gauteng can purchase CBD oils and products, in-store and online, from CBD Shop. With 11 locations across the province (with the exception of one in Canal Walk, Cape Town), and countless CBD products to choose from, consumers are bound to find the perfect CBD supplement.

CBDShop offers many CBD options across the board from CBD Gummies, Chill Shots, Vape Kits, Tinctures, Capsules, Topicals and Vape Juice.

Their best-selling products being:

CBD Shop’s remaining products also sell for suitable prices ranging between R100-R1200, making themselves a relatively affordable and accessible CBD brand in Gauteng.

Cannabis Oil in Durban

As of last year (2018), Durban has finally got its name on the map for cannabis dispensaries. This city is also breaking the record for having Africa’s first official medical centre for cannabis.

Holistic Releaf


The Holistic Releaf Wellness and Pain Management Centre in Durban North and Ballito was launched by Krithi Thaver, a long-time cannabis advocate and the founder of Canna Culture- an educational organisation “designed to break the negative stigma around cannabis”.

Thaver’s treatment centre is legally licensed to trade as a traditional healing centre and aims to provide a holistic approach to healing the body through traditional physiotherapy, chiropractic’s and other illnesses/diseases.

Practitioners in the centre are all qualified medical experts with extensive knowledge and understanding of the beneficial uses of CBD products. Patients and consumers looking to improve their overall health and wellness can book an appointment with any of the practitioners on-site and a suitable course of treatment will be discussed and implemented.

Although prices of their products are unclear, the treatment centre imports their oils and products from the United States ensuring clients are provided with world-class treatments and products.

CBD Oil Dischem

Many of you are probably wondering, ‘isn’t there CBD oil in Dischem?’

The answer is no, the product that you are most likely thinking of is the Lifestyle Food Hemp Oil on their shelves.

This oil is different from the above-mentioned CBD Oil as it is made by extracting hemp seeds from the cannabis plant and does not carry the same medical benefits as CBD oil. Instead, hemp seed oil carries nutritional properties that benefit our Omega and Vitamin content and can also be incorporated into your daily life.

A 250ml bottle of Dischem’s Lifestyle Food Hemp Oil goes for R89,95.

Wrapping up Places to Buy Cannabis Oil in South Africa

With the new legislation decriminalising the possession and consumption of dagga-privately, in South Africa, we are faced with the opportunity to explore the world of cannabis, legally and responsibly of course. For the first time, people are free to research and educate themselves on the benefits cannabis may hold, with the chance to use and test a variety of products on themselves.

As we move towards change in our society with taboo topics and practices slowly becoming more acceptable, we see a shift in people’s mind-sets and the acceptance of potentially beneficial alternatives to medicines and treatments, going forward.

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