Best Places To Buy Cannabis Seeds In South Africa

Now that cannabis has been legalized in South Africa for private use, you may be considering growing your own. It’s becoming easier to buy dagga seeds in South Africa, and cannabis enthusiasts around the country are taking advantage of this newfound opportunity.

Thanks to the emergence of weed stores around the country, you can even buy cannabis oil in South Africa.

If you’re new to the home-grown venture, you may be wondering how to get started. Seasoned growers may also be looking for new South African seed banks and online vendors to buy from. Either way, you’re in the right place.

This article will list all the best places to buy cannabis seeds in South Africa. First, however, let’s break down some of the need-to-know components of buying seeds.

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Buyer’s Guide For Dagga Seeds In South Africa

In theory, you could simply pick the seeds out of whatever bud you’re smoking and plant them. But buying seeds from trusted suppliers means ensuring the sex of the cannabis plant and the quality of the strain. Like buying any commodity, an informed decision is a good decision.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you buy marijuana seeds:

  1. CBD-rich

Naturally, you’ll want to know the THC content of the strain you intend to grow. You should also look out for CBD-rich strains, however, as high CBD / low THC strains are becoming more prominent.

  1. Organic or non-organic

The organic weed industry is on the rise, focusing on growing without the use of chemicals and pesticides. You can read up on organic weed here. If you’re looking to produce weed that creates a “pure” high, you’ll want to look out for seeds that aren’t feminized.

  1. Autoflowering seeds

Photoperiod cannabis plants enter the flowering stage when triggered by shifts in light. In contrast, autoflowering cannabis flowers based on age, rather than light. This essentially means your plants are able to flower all year round.

Where To Buy Weed Seeds In South Africa

There are a variety of online seed banks in South Africa, and we’ve broken down the best places to find cannabis seeds for sale. These online stores will deliver seed packages straight to your door.

CB Seeds

CB Seeds sells feminized seeds as well as indica dominant strains. Stock sells fast, so make sure to keep an eye out for your favourite strains. Simply visit the CB seed store, pick a strain, and place your order.

This online seed store stocks the ever-popular Cheese, a widely used strain produced from a cross between Afghan, Columbian and Mexican strains.

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Trophy Seeds South Africa Review - 10 Best Marijuana Seeds | Cannabis Connect

Trophy Seeds

Trophy Seeds is abundant with a variety of strains in both singles and breeder’s packs. From Pineapple Express to Northern Lights, this online seed bank has got it all.

We recommend African Amnesia for the experienced toker. This is a strong African kush with a light, citrus favour that will send you flying. It’s also super affordable, so you’re getting great bang for your buck.

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Daggafontein’s stock is unique in that it steers away from genetic manipulation. The mission of these ‘groovy cultivators’ is to trade organically produced marijuana seeds, grown on African soil.

So why the organic approach? According to Daggafontein, manipulating the genetics of a cannabis strain can produce an unstable plant, meaning it will be more susceptible to disease. The organic approach, then, is seen to be more practical.

Moreover, some connoisseurs feel that organic marijuana simply gives one a higher quality experience. You can read more about that here. The cannabinoid profiles are said to be different with organic weed, and many report superior value in terms of flavour and high.

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Marijuana Seeds South Africa is the country’s exclusive distributor of Nirvana Seeds Amsterdam. This certainly sets it apart from other online seed banks, as Nirvana Seeds is a reputable name in the industry.

With a history dating back to the ‘80s, Nirvana Seeds is a big player for those in the know. As the story goes, Nirvana’s founder, Mau, began his career at the legendary Amsterdam grow shop, Positronics.

Nirvana Seeds is only one of the many reputable brands stocked by MJSSA. This online store also happens to have a loyalty program, and you’re almost guaranteed to receive a free packet of seeds if you stick with them.

We highly recommend Green Crack. Expect an active, energetic high from this blend of Skunk #1 and Afghan Kush. These seeds are also easy to grow and immensely popular amongst sativa strains.

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Cannabis Seed

Cannabis Seed is all about ensuring a diverse genetic pool for the cannabis of future generations. They promote better regulation in the cannabis industry, and believe in the power of information. The more we know about what we’re smoking, the better.

A percentage of the store’s profits go towards promoting legal change in the industry, lobbying organizations and attending conferences that support their cause. Beyond the brand’s message, Cannabis Seed is also a great stockist.

You can filter your seed strains based on when they’re due to flower, which is particularly helpful for the serious grower. The store sells a range of diverse seeds, and you can buy grow gear online via their website too. Find grow gear here.

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Where To Buy Dinafem Seeds In South Africa

Based in Spain, Dinafem is a well-known seed bank that supplies around the world. Dinafem strictly sells feminized seeds, and guarantees the performance of their seeds. This means you won’t need to worry about any duds amongst your purchased seeds.

Trophy Seeds stocks Dinafem’s Strawberry Amnesia and White Widow strains.

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Final Thoughts: Buy Cannabis Seeds In South Africa

From beginner growers to seasoned cultivars, there is a seed bank in South Africa for everyone. Whether it’s organic seeds, feminized, breeder’s packs, or even growing gear, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the seed banks listed above.

The options for growers in South Africa are endless these days, so take this opportunity to find the perfect strain. Naturally, it’s the grower’s choice, and luckily, you have a wide selection to choose from.

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