Best CBD Oil For Pets in South Africa 2021

Best CBD Oil For Pets in South Africa 2021

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has emerged as a natural therapy for treating various symptoms and disorders. As more people explore CBD for themselves, there’s a natural curiosity about the benefits of CBD oil for pets. As it happens, CBD is as beneficial to animals as it is for us.

Keep reading to learn more about how and why animals respond positively to CBD. As well as where to find the best CBD oil for pets in South Africa.

A puppy sits among hemp plants with a cannabis leaf shaped dog tag

CBD Oil For Pets: What You Need To Know

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is responsible for the metabolization and distribution of cannabinoids. It’s also your body’s self-regulation station for internal biological processes such as mood, digestion, stress, immunity, and others.

Your furry, fluffy, or feathered best friend can enjoy all the benefits of CBD, too! This is because all mammals (and other vertebrates) have an endocannabinoid system with the same biological function as humans.

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A ferret takes a lick of CBD oil from a dropper bottle

CBD For Pets in South Africa

Before purchasing cannabis oil for pets, always talk to your vet about the best options for your species of pet. Your vet will also have the best advice for choosing the right CBD concentration and dosage for your companion’s physical health and body weight.

The quality of CBD oil is the same for both pets and people. However, certain ingredients added to human CBD can be potentially harmful to different kinds of animals. The following CBD products are all specially designed with pets in mind.

Cannabuddy Full-spectrum CBD Oil for Pets Gold and Black Box

Cannabuddy CBD Oil For Pets

  • 30ml dropper bottle
  • 300mg full-spectrum CBD oil

Cannabuddy CBD Oil for Pets is purr-fectly formulated for any type of pet. It’s packed full of canna-based goodness. This oil includes a full spectrum of therapeutic cannabinoids with less than 0,001% THC. This tiny percentage is still enough to stimulate the Entourage Effect without producing any psychoactive outcome.

The dropper applicator makes it easy to add to your pet’s food or simply drop under their tongue. The spectrum of cannabis compounds assists with conditions from separation anxiety to inflammatory pain. It can also act as a daily supplement for a regular boost of cannabis goodness.

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Africanpure 600mg Pets Plus CBD Oil

Africanpure Pets Plus CBD Oil

  • 30ml dropper bottle
  • 600mg isolated CBD oil

Africanpure CBD oil for dogs, cats, and other pets is made with isolated CBD oil. This means that there are no other cannabinoids and terpenes present. This product has no flavour or smell, making it useful for picky eaters of all species.

This oil’s higher concentration of CBD is formulated for individuals experiencing more severe symptoms of stress, pain, and anxiety. Its potent concentration makes it excellent for larger breeds of pets.

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Koi CBD Spray for Pets bottle

Koi Naturals CBD Spray For Pets

  • 60ml spray bottle
  • 500ml broad-spectrum CBD oil

This broad-spectrum CBD oil has all of cannabis’ beneficial cannabinoids excluding THC. This makes Koi Naturals CBD Spray for Pets helpful for elderly pets who’ll benefit from the Entourage Effect, or take THC-sensitive medication. Its higher concentration is specifically designed to help larger animals, highly anxious individuals, and pets in their golden years.

The oil comes in a useful spray applicator that allows you to introduce your pet to CBD in small quantities. It also makes it easy to spray the oil into their food, or directly into your pet’s mouth.

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A Yellow Lab lapping up CBD oil from a dropper bottle

CBD Oil For Dogs in South Africa

In South Africa, cannabis oil for dogs has become hugely popular. With so many emerging brands selling CBD-infused dog treats, it’s tempting to try them all. But if your pet needs a higher concentration of CBD, too many treats may contribute to excessive weight. In this case, drops added to food may be a better option.

Read on to learn more about CBD for dogs in South Africa.

Cibapet CBD oil for dogs dropper bottle and box

Cibapet CBD Drops For Dogs

  • 10ml dropper bottle
  • 200mg full-spectrum CBD

This CBD oil is specifically designed for the smallest of canine companions. The full-spectrum CBD oil has only trace amounts of THC to prevent any enlightened effects.

It’s low-concentration and small volume make it a great product to start with. It’s useful in treating a range of ailments. It’s had particular success with over-excitable mini breeds such as Chihuahuas and Jack Russels.

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Cibapet CBD Oil for Dogs Box and Tablets

Cibapet CBD Pastilles For Dogs

  • 55 flavour-enhanced tablets
  • 3,2mg full-spectrum CBD per serving

Giving your precious pooch their daily dose of CBD is much easier with an edible tablet, specifically made with canine-friendly flavours. Each pastille contains full-spectrum CBD oil with incredibly low concentrations of THC.

These chews aren’t just a tasty treat. Each tablet contains an array of vitamins and minerals to enhance the healing powers of high-quality fido-friendly CBD.

You’ll find this CBD oil for dogs in Cape Town and all the major cities. They’re also available online for nationwide delivery.

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Tabby cat with a bottle of CBD oil

CBD Oil For Cats in South Africa

Is your finicky feline turning up their nose at all-species-friendly CBD oil? Unlike dogs, cats are notoriously picky. This is thanks to their high intellect and even higher standards. Therefore, many brands of pet CBD oil in South Africa have flavours that cats can’t stomach… or just won’t tolerate. It’s difficult to be sure sometimes.

Whichever the case may be, the following products are specially formulated to appeal to your cat’s incredibly high standards.

Cibapet CBD Oil for Cats dropper bottle and box

Cibapet CBD Drops For Cats

  • 10ml dropper bottle
  • 200mg full-spectrum CBD

The easiest way to give your cat CBD oil is by mixing it into their food – especially wet food. If your cat generally only eats small amounts at a time, you can mix their daily dose into a smaller portion to make sure they get their full dose of CBD.

This product uses full-spectrum CBD oil with only negligible amounts of THC. The tincture is enhanced with vitamins and fish oil for a delectable taste and beneficial fatty acids.

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Cibapet CBD Pastilles for Cats, box and tablets

Cibapet CBD Pastilles For Cats

  • 100 flavour-enhanced tablets
  • 1,3mg of full-spectrum CBD per tablet

If you’ve ever tried giving your cat a pill, you’re familiar with the battle that ensues. Forget getting yourself covered in cat scratches. Give your kitty their daily dose of CBD in a great-tasting treat instead!

These tablets have a smaller concentration of CBD in consideration of cats’ low weight. Along with 1,3mg of high-quality CBD oil, each tablet contains added vitamins, minerals, and feline-friendly protein. These Cibapet CBD pastilles for cats are also infused with delicious flavours that will have your cat wake you up for their morning medicine.

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Human hand holding a dog's paw in a field with a daisy

Final Thoughts on Pet CBD in South Africa

The recent take-off of CBD-infused products since cannabidiol’s decriminalization is naturally going to extend to our well-loved fur babies. Once you’ve checked with your vet about concentration and dosage, try some of South Africa’s top CBD oils for all types of pets.

Curious about CBD Oil for humans? Read more about where to find CBD oil for children and adults in our 420-friendly blog!

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