Where to Buy Dagga Seeds in South Africa

With the growing season just around the corner and a set of new laws that allow us South Africans to grow cannabis in private for our personal consumption, it’s likely that this summer is going to be filled with local neighbourhoods overflowing with the beautiful aroma of budding plants.

However, growers new and old are still posing the question: “Where can I buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa?”. Sure, you could just grab a seed out of whatever you’re smoking and hope it grows into a nice mature plant, but if you’re looking for any kind of assurance in terms of plant sex, or quality, this won’t quite work.

To help South Africans grow the best quality cannabis they can muster, we’ve put together this guide on where to find cannabis seeds in South Africa – with a list of our favourite strains, and our top choices for both international and South African seed banks. These are all trusted vendors who we have confidence in and have verified, and the seeds they supply are of the highest quality genetics.

Please note: We’d recommend buying locally, only because there’s a small chance that international orders may be seized at customs. We’re not sure how often or why this occurs – but we have heard of one or two instances of this happening.

Our Favorite Weed Seeds in South Africa

If you’re just looking for some quick and easy recommendations, then here are our favourite strains from local suppliers at the moment.

Blue Cheese from Barney’s Farm – Cheese is probably the most popular strain in the Western Cape, and this specialty variant is no different. It’s not too challenging to grow, and the plant stays small and tight, packed with THC – meaning it’ll easily work if you only want to manage some smaller plants.

Be cautious, however – this is a smelly strain. It’s a 100% indica, meaning it’s very much a night-time smoke, but the seeds are feminized so you don’t need to worry about any pesky males.

Check Price: Blue Cheese

White Widow from Nirvana Seeds – A very popular strain over the last few years, White Widow is an easy strain to grow, with versatile genetics which allows you to tailor your plant shape and size to whatever the environment requires. It’s feminized, of course, and its high THC percentage is met with a fair bit of CBD too, allowing for an extra therapeutic effect.

Check Price: White Widow

Fire OG Kush from Greenhouse Seeds – We all know how popular OG Kush is (if you’ve ever listened to a hip-hop song, you’re probably familiar with it). This feminized, indica-dominant Kush strain has a high THC percentage, however, it can also be challenging to grow, so it’s not the best for first-timers.

Check Price: Fire OG Kush

Where to Buy Marijuana / Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

Now, let’s take a look at some of our favourite local seed banks. If you’re looking to buy seeds online in South Africa, these are our top recommendations – the only time we consider international seed banks is if we can’t find the strain we’re looking for locally.

In addition, all the top strains we list are feminized, so you don’t need to worry about the possibility of having a male plant in your garden.

Cannabis Seeds South Africa

Our favourite strains:

  • Laughing Buddha (Barney’s Farm)
  • Flowerbomb Kush (Greenhouse Seeds)
  • Girl Scout Cookies (Greenhouse Seeds)

Cannabisseed.co.za is one of our favourite local suppliers. They operate very simply, importing high-quality seeds from a select few international seed banks, allowing you to order these highly-sought-after strains for local delivery, without any hassle or delays.

They stock seeds from Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, and Greenhouse seeds – all some of the most trusted and reliable international seed banks. They stock a variety of genetics, from sativas to indicas, and of course hybrids, as well as seeds in feminized or autoflower varieties. Their website also contains some useful information as to the characteristics of each strain and some tips or pointers for growing.

Lastly, they have a small but handy selection of essential growing equipment such as LED lights, seed-rooting pellets and curing accessories.

Marijuana Seed SA

Our favourite strains:

  • Blue Dream
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Hawaii Maui Waui

Marijuanaseeds.co.za is another local seed bank who imports from Nirvana Seeds, a very old and trusted European seed genetics company. They stock both a good number of popular strains, and some ‘trademarked’ strains or crosses that Nirvana has created themselves using very rare and select genetics. This is all in an attempt to create new strains that are very different from what you might be used to.

Marijuana Seed SA also has a nice little selection of smoking accessories available, such as rolling papers and grinders – everything you need for a little sesh once your plant is ready to harvest!

Biltong and Budz

Our favourite Strains: 

  • Green Crack
  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • White Gold

Biltong and Budz is a cool local website selling cannabis seeds, and of course, a bit of delicious biltong (perfect for when you have the munchies!). One of the reasons we love them is naturally because they have high-quality seeds and some delicious biltong, but they also guarantee 5-day delivery all across South Africa.

They source their seeds from a variety of breeders and grow houses around the world, as well as being a central point for the new local breeders to offer their own new seeds and strains as they develop them. Biltong and Budz has a very wide selection overall, so you’ll easily find a strain suited perfectly to your needs. 

Since legalization, Biltong and Budz has continuously been one of South Africa’s favorite seed banks, second to none. While they’ve had their fair share of website and hosting issues recently, they’re still one of the best seed providers in SA, and the harvests of many locals speak volumes to this claim.

Cannabis Seeds for Sale in South Africa – Online Stores

These following seed banks are our first choices to try if we can’t find the right seeds from the local seed banks listed above.

It’s important to remember that the fact that these seed banks are overseas means you’re likely going to pay much more for shipping, have to wait a bit longer to get your seeds, and there’s also a small chance your seeds could be confiscated by customs.

That being said, let’s take a look at the heavy hitters in this category.

Sensible Seeds

Our favourite strains:

  • Bubba Kush CBD (Dinafem)
  • Afgooey Feminized (Strain Hunters)
  • The Bulldog Haze (Bulldog Seeds)

Sensible Seeds is one of the biggest, and longest-standing online seed banks, founded in 2000. They have personal relationships with many smaller grow houses around the world, allowing them to stock hundreds of strains in dozens of varieties, and from a huge number of cultivators from around the world.

If you’re looking for some specialized or rare strains of cannabis, then Sensible Seeds is going to be your best bet. They stock seeds from companies like Greenhouse Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Dinafem Seeds, and Dutch Passion – with around 100 seedbanks listed on their site in total.

Sensible Seeds is your go-to for CBD strains too, stocking a wide variety from different growers, as well as some cool pick-n-mix packs for those of you who aren’t too bothered about which strain you grow.

Paradise Seeds

Our favourite strains:

  • Sensi Star
  • Nebula II CBD
  • L.A. Amnesia

Paradise Seeds, a Dutch Seedbank, is one of the few seedbanks which only stocks its own genetics. This means that every seed you buy from Paradise Seeds has been bred from scratch, by cannabis genetics experts, to create interesting and unique strains that are very stable from one seed to another.

They have won awards in the High Times Cannabis Cup, Highlife Cup, and Copa del Mar to name a few, and are well-known for strains such as Sensi Star, one of the strongest indicas that has ever been bred.

If you’re looking for high quality, award-winning gourmet seed strains, then Paradise Seed bank is the place to go.


Our favourite strains:

  • Gorilla Candy
  • Northern Lights
  • Blue Ice OG

Seedsman is a Spanish seed bank founded in 2003. They sell a wide stock of different kinds of seeds, as well as some genetics and strains of their own, many of which have won awards. Their online store is incredibly comprehensive, offering lists of high THC or CBD, popular strain variants’ lists, and even some award-winning strain lists.

They have a strong collection of both common and rare seeds, meaning they should definitely be in your rotation if you’re looking for a strain or cultivar that you can’t find anywhere else. Their long list of breeders on the site offers great ease in navigating the long list of growers and breeders from around the world, and if you’re looking for brand names, you now have an easy way to find them.


You’ve now got plenty of options if you’re looking for Cannabis Seeds in South Africa. There are many trusted suppliers and reliable vendors out there, you’ve just got to make sure they’ve got the right seeds for you.

Now, it’s time to get growing, so hurry up and sow your seeds!

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