How To Grow Marijuana

We have put together all the basic know-hows a Mary Jane enthusiast would need to know to start their own home grown crop. It is the way forward for all smokers, and the best way to learn more about this most loved plant.

You will discover a whole new world you didn’t even know existed,  and a completely emerge yourself in the joy that is growing cannabis! Your buds will be fresher, and your smoking experience will be on a new level.

We are here to give you all the tools you need to use to keep your grow at a high quality, yet simple, so you can get your green thumbs working!

Growing Weed

Cannabis has come into the spotlight over the past year in South Africa, with the legalisation fight being won – you are free to enjoy the benefits of this magnificent plant.

Cultivating and harvesting your own material an easy and special way to learn more about the plants, and in some cases, lessen your expenses. Understanding the foundation for a high quality grow is an essential starting point.

One of your first decisions will be about whether you want to grow outdoor or indoor weed; you can choose based on your preference, convenience and weather conditions. You will then want to choose which strain is best suited for you, and there are many to choose from – indica, sativa, hybrid mixes or ruderalis.

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After planting your chosen strain of seed, here are some of the average requirements to help your cannabis plants thrive:

  • Receiving 12 hours of light/sun every 24 hours.
  • Organic soil and nutrient mixes.
  • Fresh air, you don’t the atmosphere to be stagnant.
  • PH balanced water ( frequently water, but use your own judgement. Too much water or too little could kill your crop. If you push down with your finger and the soil at the surface is dry before your finger is submerged, that’s when your plant is thirsty).
  • Compost tea is an excellent way to boost the quality of your plant’s growth.
  • Weather conditions are a factor in places that experience extremes. Your plant is happier in warmer climates but can grow in colder temperatures as well. During heavy rain or drought, it would be best to bring outdoor plants indoors or to build a shade box to protect them.

How Long Does Weed Take To Grow?

The norm is 3 – 4 months, but the length of your grow will depend on a lot of different things and what kind of preference you have. Some plants take over 7 months to reach full maturity.

How To Plant Weed Seeds

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Planting the seeds is your very first step forward in your journey to grow marijuana. You’ve decided which strain and how you want to grow it, now it’s time to begin.

There are three must-haves for all successful germinating seeds: water, a good location and warm temperature. The process differs from person to person, and gardening these plants is never a set-in-stone system, but rather something you will master with experience.

Here are a few of the tried and tested ways for you to get your seeds sprouting :

Place directly into your soil

Bury your seeds only a two-three centimetres into the soil, this is a nice way to minimize any shock to your seedling. Make sure the pot plant or spot you have chosen is in a warm area, and water it often to increase your chances of success.

Wet tissue paper

Wrap your seeds up in wet tissue and place them on a plate. You can then easily control the germination process and guarantee results by placing the plate in a warm and dark location. You can also add another plate on top of your station, to increase moisture. Within a few days or a week, you will have seeds that have sprouted happily.

Soak in water

Place your seeds in a tray of enzyme enriched water and place them in the sun. Then, simply wait until you see the peep of the roots breaking through.

How To Grow Indoor Weed

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An indoor grow is all about turning your plant’s environment into the best imitation of mother nature as possible. One of the biggest upsides of deciding to cultivate indoors is that it gives you the opportunity to create the most advantageous conditions for your marijuana and the option to grow all year round.

You will be able to manage the day/night cycles, humidity, water consumption, temperature, fertilisation of the soil, PH balance, provide constant fresh air and keep your plants safe from insects or unfavourable weather situations. It truly is a fun way to add a personal touch to your experience and to the outcome of your buds.

There are two main indoor growth techniques.

A Grow Room

To get started, you will need to have set up a grow room that meets the needs of your cannabis. This room must have proper ventilation to keep the air fresh, and too keep the temperature of your room from getting too hot or humid. You can invest in a dehumidifier if you want to make extra certain your plants won’t be at risk of bud rot.

Next, you will want to purchase the correct lighting to make sure that your plants have sufficient supply for photosynthesis. You can choose between LED (Light Emitting Diode), CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light), or HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) light g: the key factors are that you want to keep your whole room lit, whilst keeping the heat at a modest temperature.

For the best results, set your lights for an eighteen-hour day and a six-hour night. Try to plan your lighting to avoid peak hours, this will help lessen the cost of running your grow room.

A Grow Cupboard

You can purchase fully equipped and professional grow cupboards online.  This is a more expensive route but will come with fans, lights, timers, flower chambers, veg chambers and carbon filters. Although this might cost more initially, you will gain will make up for your outlay when it comes to harvesting time.

Remember, that whether indoor or outdoor, your plants will yield healthier buds and grow stronger in PH balanced organic soil.


Growing Weed Outdoors

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Easy, cost-effective and unlimited options are at your disposal when choosing to grow outdoor weed. You will be able to grow 1 – 2 fully matured crops a year, however, it is best to stick with one crop for those of you who just beginning to take on the activity of an outdoor grow.

Place straw, pine needles, chicken poo or nutrient mixes onto your soil to help nourish your plant at its roots. A plant that is grown directly in the ground will have all the necessary space for root growth, and you will be able to grow bigger plants than you could if you had gone for indoor.

You will need to plant your seeds during the Spring or Summer cycles, when the sun’s exposure is at a maximum. Watch that your plants are reasonably protected from harsh direct sunlight during the sprouting phase, as this is when your marijuana is most sensitive.

After your plant has established itself, you can allow more sunlight to reach it as this will assist your cannabis to grow most beautifully during the vegetation phase. As the days start to shorten, your plants will come into their budding phase and the fresh aromas will sweep along your garden.

You will need to increase the amount of water given at this time, as budding marijuana requires more to quench its thirst and to support the abundant growth.

To keep your cannabis safe from insects, you can make a variety of all natural sprays to keep the pests at bay. Do not use ingredients that have a strong scent or flavour, because your plants absorb it into the buds and you will affect the overall taste. A few good and safe solutions are cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, and clove oil.

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Grow Weed Easy

The easiest way to enjoy your cannabis gardening is to simply throw a handful of your excess seeds into the garden. From this, you will be able to successfully have planted at least one seed. If you want to make sure they grow, sprinkle water on them every now and again.

Soon you will have wildly growing marijuana, and you can simply sit back and watch the magic unfold as this plant goes from a tiny seedling to fully grown cannabis tree.

Final Thoughts

Home growing your own marijuana is an exciting new adventure and will strengthen your love and admiration for these plants. Watching how each plant grows every day, and seeing it transform into a beauty of immense proportions is a special kind of happiness that will add value to your days.

It is easy to feel that your plants have become like children to you! You will be overjoyed when you see them changing and budding! With every new crop, your knowledge will grow and your experience of weed will deepen.

We wish you lots of happy gardening!


























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