Northern Lights Seeds South Africa – Top Seeds Available

There are many different types of marijuana seeds available in South Africa. We are going to focus on the world remound strain, Northern lights. This gene is a cross between Afghani and Thai, creating the pure indica strain that is Northern lights.


This is a highly resilient strain which makes it a great choice for novice growers, as you can reap incredible rewards from this aromatic, flavourful and delectable bud.


Now there are plenty of seed banks in South Africa that you can get Northern lights from. But we are going to identify our favourites that we’ve personally tried and tested. Let’s take a look at some northern lights strain facts, so you know what to expect.


With this strain, you will get a rich, spicy, peppery and sweet terpene profile. She has been known for improving well-being, appetite and providing relief from pain and aches. You will also find an increase in your motivation.


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Northern Lights Seeds For Sale

If you are looking to buy Northern lights seeds in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban, these seed banks will deliver straight to you so you can start your growing journey. But now you need to ask yourself a question. What Northern lights seeds am I going to buy?


We suggest you look at two factors. You should look at the Northern lights feminized seeds and the best Northern lights autoflower seed. Now your circumstances will answer this question. Are you wanting to harvest ASAP or do you have a designated grow set up and are looking to keep as many strains as possible?


If you go the feminized northern lights route you will be able to make a mother plant, keep her in a vegetative state and just continue to take clones off her. This means you can have multiple harvests throughout the year from one investment, as long as you don’t kill your plant…


If you go the autoflower northern lights route you will have a period of 10 – 12 weeks from seed to harvest. This is perfect for those who have time constraints or are running low on cured weed.


Now that we know what the best northern lights seeds are for our situation. Let’s take a look at where we can get them from.


Northern Lights Seeds Feminized

Due to the unbelievable demand for this cannabis strain. You will need luck on your side when looking at online stores that actually have stock of this gene. So the best places to start your search for Northern lights feminized seeds are:

Marijuana seeds SA

This weed seed bank stocks great genes from Nirvana, Amsterdam. Ensuring that they deliver premium quality.


Her characteristics come from her Afghani heritage, giving her an appearance of dark green waxy leaves during the vegging stage. She is not a partially tall strain due her being an indica. This means that her internodal spacing is tight, letting her grow rock hard dense buds.


  • THC will range between 16-20%
  • Yields 400- 500g/m2
  • Indica
  • Fruity and floral fragrances with earthy and spicy undertones


Northern lights can help with stress relief, muscle relaxation, reducing anxiety and coping with insomnia.


She is a tough resilient strain that produces dense frosty buds that will have you and your friends drooling. Making this the perfect strain for both beginners and experienced growers.


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Trophy Seeds | Divine Seeds South Africa

Trophy seeds get their feminized northern lights seeds from Divine Seeds. They are one of the world leading seed breeding companies.


Originating from the Afghani gene, this is a 95% indica dominant northern lights weed with a short flowering period of 65-67 days or 9 weeks. The Divine Seeds promote their northern lights from medium height and taller plants.


You can grow this strain easily indoors but she thrives outdoors, resulting in greater yields. Harvest time when growing outdoors is late September (Spring) depending on the hours of light.


  • THC 23% but have had reports of growers reaching 33%
  • Yields 450-750 g/m2
  • Indica
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Northern Lights Seeds | Auto Flower


Marijuana seeds South Africa also stock the autoflower version of the Northern lights strain from Nirvana seeds. This is perfect for individuals who are looking to grow cannabis in a short time frame and want a strong indica to put them “In da couch.” 


Marijuana Seeds South Africa rate this strain of northern lights to be one of the most resilient strains around, especially for those who are growing in colder climates. Seed to harvest time is between 10-12 weeks. You can expect to get 300-400 g/m2 and around 14-19% THC, making this strain a strong indica.


You can expect relaxed, euphoric and happy effects from this sweet and earthy tasting bud.


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From Trophy Seeds and Fastbuds Genetics, these generous yielding, original northern lights autoflower seeds are perfect for people wanting an easy grow. You can expect high THC-yielding buds in 9 weeks after germination with around 20%THC.


The genetics are Northern Lights crossed with the Ruderalis gene, providing the autoflower characteristics. For more information on ruderalis follow this link. You can buy this strain in a pack with 10 seeds, providing you with multiple harvests throughout the year on this once off purchase.


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Final Thoughts | Northern Lights Seeds South Africa

The major advantages to this strain of weed are how resilient and hardy she is, along with the high concentrate of THC that she can produce. This makes her a great strain to grow if you are a novice.


So if you are wanting to smoke a strain that is going to take you on a journey to the astro plains and back, we think that a puff or two of northern lights fantastic strain will do just fine. If you are interested in the terpene profile of Northern Lights take a look here.


Drop a comment and let us know how your northern lights grow has gone.

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