South African Weed Strains

Our beautiful and amazingly bountiful country is home to some of the most popular marijuana strains around the world.

The more-than-perfect weather makes it possible to cultivate superlative quality and resin-full outdoor buds that you simply won’t be able to find anywhere else. Due to our ideal temperatures, rainfall and sunlight, South Africa has become one of the main distributors of cannabis to countries such as Europe and the UK.


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Since the very anticipated dagga legalization in South Africa, magnificent new types of weed have sprung up. Smokers and growers alike have gotten creative with this remarkably diverse plant, and have strived to produce strains that have never before been heard of. The love and devotion of these enthusiasts has led to the success of some wonderfully noteworthy weed strains originating in our land.

South Africa brings to us not only some of the most raved about sativa seeds, but also boasts the creation of outrageous indicas and hybrids !

We have for you a list of the most enjoyed and deliciously memorable of all.

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Durban Poison Pure Sativa

This strain is a household name for all stoners in South Africa. The beauty was found in Durban by Ed Rosenthal, who then shared the joy throughout the whole world. Durban Poison is the queen of sativas, and is known by users from all over the globe to be possibly the best sativa ever seen.

This type of marijuana plant makes its presence known, as you will be smelling a tantalizing mixture of sweet smells, and a distinctive earthy pine whenever near one. Durban Poison has an average of 16-24% THC, making it very potent.

Despite the high THC content, Durban Poison has been nicknamed “the espresso of weed” and is a favorite for stoners who enjoy being active. The energetic high makes this strain attractive to artists and productive individuals who are seeking a boost of inspiration and creativity.

This admired strain goes down in history as a glorious example of South Africa’s potential for creating cannabis magic!


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Pure Power Plant

Power Plant is a cannabis strain bound to bring much happiness to all smokers internationally. The plant is a potent hybrid from a seed that was originally from Amsterdam.

This sativa strain has a THC content average of 20-26%. Similar to the uniform of sativa strains in South Africa, Power Plant is a magnificent smoke if you’re looking to get productive. A hit from this strain is particularly uplifting and long lasting.

When tasting this plant, you will find it is fresh and smooth, with a noticeably sweet aftertaste. This flavorsome bud has become popular for treating migraines, depression and fatigue. This plant has a big function as a top medicinal saint.

There is no debate as to how Power Plant managed to win the 2006 HighLife Cup and several other prestigious cannabis awards.

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South African Kwazulu Pure Sativa

A mighty sativa strain that has originated in, none other than, Kwazulu Natal. Bantu tribes brought seeds down from Northern Africa, and saw how well-suited the sunny province would be for growth. South African Kwazulu is most often found growing wildly on slopes in the Drakensberg.


You’re looking at an average THC level of 17% in this outstanding cannabis plant. As this is a pure sativa strain, it is well known for the happy, energetic and clear high that all sativas are famous for.


The South African Kwazulu buds have an attractive sweet scent and taste when consumed.

It is said that there is a legend about how Zulu warriors lit up and smoked South African Kwazulu cannabis prior to battles, as a way of motivating their spirits for victory.

Popular Weed from Southern Africa

With so many different strains being enjoyed and grown in South Africa, we have to give a round of applause for some of the most revered and familiar types of marijuana that have made their way across our borders!


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Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold is a beautiful strain that is known everywhere in the world today. This type of marijuana originated in Malawi, but has quickly become a favorite among South African smokers and cultivators.

This strain is particularly resin covered, and will have you in awe with it’s tall slender shape. The known THC level of Malawi Gold is 17%. Malawi Gold has a well-known lemon and pineapple fragrance, with a delightful mix of a spice that comes through in the flavor. A true sativa, you can expect a high energy and uplifting experience that will be long lasting.

Malawi Gold is an old school cannabis strain that you can easily grow both indoors and outdoors. We see a quality, not quantity pattern with sativas, and this strain is no exception.


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Swazi Gold

A noble strain from Swaziland, the strain of Swazi Gold is known for its ability to flourish even in harsh weather conditions.

You will taste a scrumptiously sweet mango flavor from Swazi Gold, and strong aromas that will have you falling in love! This cannabis strain has a buzzing sensation when smoked, providing an energetic and productive high, familiar for a sativa.

Swazi Gold is probably the most smoked strain in our country, and is one that all marijuana consumers will agree to be a classic!


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Where To Get Cannabis Seeds

Thanks to technological revolutions, even gardening has become easy for all to dabber with. To buy weed seeds, simply look for websites that distribute, such as those linked in this article.

To take it a step further, make sure to read about starting your growing journey on How to Grow Marijuana.


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Last Thoughts

South African strains have gained widespread praise for their uniqueness,  quality and excellent highs. These amazing strains are not only great for smoking, but they can also make some quality cannabis oil. There is not a doubt that the legalization of this multi-functioning and sustainable herb is a step forward for all marijuana lovers, as well as the whole nation.

Our country flourishes with the miracle that is the weed plant, and we have one of the most inviting climates for its growth. A plant that is now being acknowledged and celebrated for its profound effect on medical, psychological and personal healing.

The powerful strains that South Africans passionately cultivated and shared across the world, have had a hugely positive influence in adding to our knowledge of the vast benefits cannabis provides.


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South Africans have certainly pioneered and blossomed a new era for marijuana and its production! Responsible for some of the most famous, and most delicately joyous strains on our planet.

If you haven’t smelt, tasted or seen these notorious strains, make sure to go ahead and start searching. You will be given an unforgettable experience!

If you’re not interested in the psychedelic effects of THC strains, then you will need to look for CBD. There are plenty of great options, including stronger South African CBD oil for sleep or milder ones for daily use or even for your pet. We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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