Stinkbud System

The Stinkbud System

The Stinkbud System has been invented by a generous and creative fellow who calls himself Stinkbud. He has made appearances in High Times Magazine and plenty of newsletters for his innovative, yet very simple, home growing style.

This one-of-a-kind Aeroponic/Hydroponic growing method allows even beginner growers to harvest high-quality buds, with optimal taste and smell. But it doesn’t stop there, this system allows you to harvest half a kilo every 3 weeks!

Growers can now ease the expenses of their grow system, all whilst being able to harvest way more than bargained for with each wonderful marijuana plant. Stinkbud’s system has the highest success rate, and you are guaranteed results if you follow the method diligently.


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What Is The Stinkbud System?

The Stinkbud system is a unique way to grow indoors. It’s quickly gaining popularity, as it allows growers the opportunity to harvest every three weeks after their plants reach the budding stage. Using a simple homemade indoor setup called The Stinkbud Junior, you can set your plants up and begin this process.

Your buds will grow in a way they never have before, producing trichomes (Crystal THC) that are rich, and buds that are delicious. The design is easy to use and understand, making it a pleasant tool to revolutionize the quality of your harvests and the amount you can yield from each plant.


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How Is The Stinkbud System Different From Other Growing Systems?


  • 3 separate Aero/NFT flower systems allow one to run a full  9 week flower cycle, allowing the buds to fully ripen. You will also be able to work with strains that are stronger Sativias. 
  • Using pure organic nutrients, you will be provided with the sweetest tasting buds that you have ever had.
  • You can grow 10 different strains, without needing to have 10 mother plants included in your grow.
  • This system is all Aeroponic/Hydroponic (Aero/NFT). Each one uses the same pumps and sprayers, with no other medium used. Your plants will practically be growing in air.
  • The cloner has a 100% success rate, making it the best and easiest way to take cuttings.
  • If you flush your plants at least every 2 weeks, you will have a product that burns and tastes clean.
  • The system uses a 3 part cycle. Your cannabis plants will stay 3 weeks in the cloner, then 3 weeks in a veg system, and then moved to flower for around 9 weeks.
  • Anybody can accomplish a remarkable grow easily with the Stinkbud System. If you measure your mediums well, you will have prime buds – similar to baking a cake, getting your measurements correct enhances your final product.


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Stinkbud’s Aeroponic/Hydroponic Way of Growing

Now that we can see all the benefits of Stinkbud’s unique system, let’s dive into a way for us to enjoy this method of growing.

Your Stinkbud system can fit in a 4x4x7 grow tent.

How to make your fence post assembly:

  1. purchase a 72 inch fence post, cut the fence post in half at 36 inches using a cutting saw.
  2. Make a mark at the 3 inch mark from the end of your fence post.
  3. You will be making a mark every 13 and a half inches on your fence post, for you to make your holes.
  4. Use a 2 inch hole saw to drill the holes.
  5. Use your saw to cut a half inch slit at the drainage end of your fence post. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up this end where you’ve made the slit.
  6. Once the slit is warm, use a pair of pliers and bend it down to make a flap.
  7. Using Epoxy glue, make a nice bead in your endcap, applying it all around the inside generously.
  8. Apply your end cap to the end of your fence post without the flap, and then clean it all up.
  9. Using your hole saw, cut a semi-hole at the end of your drain side to make room for your pipe.

How to make your spray assembly:

  1.  Purchase 2 half inch PVC pipes approximately a meter long
  2. Mark for your sprayers. Mark one all the way at the end cap, and then make a mark 4 inches from there for your first set, then 9 and a half inches for your second, and then mark for 4 inches again for the next, 9 inches for the one after (Follow this pattern).
  3. Using a drill, make your holes at each of the points you have marked.
  4. Screw in your sprayers to each hole with a pair of pliers (This is easy, as they are made to be screwed in)
  5. Attach half inch elbows at the end of each pipe.
  6. Attach a 3 inch half inch pipe to each elbow, and then connect to a T pipe.
  7. Connect another T pipe to the other, but make this one face down.
  8. Attach a valve assembly at the end of your second T.
  9. The downspout of your valve assembly will then connect to half-inch threaded adapter, that will then be easily plugged into a pump.
  10. Preferably use EZ-Clone sprayers for everything, and run a 396 GPH pump.

To make your reservoir lid, you will need to carefully watch Stinkbud’s video for the exact measurements. He will also then show you how to connect your fence post assembly successfully to your sprayer assembly.


Image by @stinkbud

How to Start


You will want to start with cuttings, as this is easier than using a plant straight from the seed.

Select a lower branch from one of your cannabis plants that are vegging. You will want lower branches as they contain the correct hormones for the rooting to start. You can cut with a razor blade or scissors. Take each cutting and place them in Neoprene sleeves, and then into 2 inch net pots.

The clone system uses only tap water, and the cloner should be set up on a timer for 1 min on and 5 mins off. The clone system is under 24 inches, 2-light, HO fluorescents. Use an 18 gal. Rubbermaid Roughneck container for your clone unit, as all others will leak.

After your plants have rooted successfully, move them into your homemade Stinkbud System for the growth phases.

Use only organic soil, with extra nutrients added to increase the flavor and effect of your yield.

To have your marijuana budding, set your lights for 12 hours on, 12 hours off for a couple of months. You will then have your first round of fully flowering cannabis beauties.

To continue harvesting every 3 weeks, add a rack to your original setup, and within that short phase, you will have new fully formed and matured buds.



Image by @stinkbud


If you love everything about indoor growing cannabis, then the Stinkbud System is a must on your journey. For more in-depth discussions, you can purchase an ebook written by Mr. Stinkbud himself to assist all enthusiastic bud lovers.

Stinkbud has helped growers all around the world to achieve the dream of more harvesting each year, with minimal effort. This is truly a life-changing new beginning for the world of marijuana cultivators.

We hope to continue seeing more ingenious and simple forms of growing techniques to appear in smoker culture. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the magical ways of both Aeroponic and Hydroponic growing.

With a bountiful harvest every 3 weeks, who wouldn’t be excited?

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